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where tradition meets innovation in every bite! For eight glorious years, we've been serving up Simple Sexy Sandwiches, blending homemade tradition with a gourmet twist that promises not just a meal, but a feasting experience that tantalizes the taste buds.

Founded on the pillars of passion, quality, and innovation, Jus Sandwiches has carved a niche in the world of culinary delights, specializing in corporate catering that transforms ordinary meetings and events into extraordinary culinary journeys. Our menu is thoughtfully curated to bring you an array of sandwiches that are anything but ordinary, designed to delight, surprise, and satisfy.

At the heart of Jus Sandwiches is a story of resilience, empowerment, and excellence. We are proud to be a Black woman veteran-owned business, bringing the discipline, precision, and commitment of military service to the culinary world. Our founder's journey from serving the nation to serving up culinary masterpieces is woven into the very fabric of our brand, inspiring a menu that's as bold and dynamic as her story.

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Karen Roberts born and raised in West Pullman and graduated from THE ILLUSTRIOUS MORGAN PARK. Karen had the opportunity to graduate a year earlier than scheduled and took it and ran with it, straight into the military joining the Army National Guard where she quickly elevated in the ranks from Supply Specialist to the Brigade Human Resources Sergeant. While still in the military she drew tired of eating the same mundane foods and wanted to bring some life and creativity to foods by culminating all of the skills and techniques she learned from her father and grandfather and hone that into one thing, Sandwiches.

In 2006, Karen was the unintentional target of gun violence and SURVIVED A BULLET THROUGH THE NECK! she remained extremely calm until the ambulance came and the real pain kicked in. Quickly realizing she had survived and OVERJOYED and extremely GRATEFUL that GOD SPARED HER LIFE! She knew it was time to live life the way GOD wanted her to and find her true PURPOSE in life. Throughout her time while still in the military, she would think about ways to turn a full meal into a sandwich and ways to recreate many popular sandwiches and add a GOURMET TWIST! After leaving the military, she went on to attend and graduate from Saint Xavier University in Chicago.


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